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Pet travel Planning

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We can customize your plan according to the your personal preferences and budget

We understand that everyone has different needs and budgets. Our mission is to provide customized services with flexible pricing. If you choose our service, we will guide you through the following five steps to ensure a safe and smooth journey for you and your beloved pet.


Confirm the destination country and travel dates.

Due to varying regulations in different countries, we recommend preparing at least 4-5 months in advance to ensure a smooth and error-free travel itinerary.

Contact us to determine the required services

Such as arranging veterinary medical matters, laboratory tests, inspection reports,  and applying for export/import quarantine certificates.

Collect deposit, schedule

Once we confirm the receipt of the deposit (e.g., lab testing fees), we will proceed to formally plan the detailed itinerary arrangements with you.


Execute the planned itinerary accordingly

 If you choose cargo shipping, we can assist in booking pet flights. Then, we will proceed with export, import customs, and quarantine procedures, among others.


Closing, collect remaining payment.

Once the scheduled journey concludes smoothly, the outstanding amount will be due for payment.

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