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​About Us

We became pets' guardians first, then we spent many years accomplishing our own expertise in pet's transport and veterinary medicine. Finally we came together as a team to do the best for your pets as they were ours.
For years of service in pet's transportation and clinical practice as a veterinarian. We noticed an increasing need for a professional pet's international travel planning, because there are more people like us taking their pets not only as company but as soulmates we couldn't live without, and it's heartbreaking just thinking about staying away from our pets in the distance.

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 ​Our Story 

  To: Everyone

  From: Hello Ani Pet Travelmate

"Pets are family, best friends and soul mates. Pets should live together no matter where we are"

公司名稱: 哈囉阿妮有限公司
公司編號: 94139647

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